Liver Cleanse Juice, Multi Seed Juice Pulp Flatbread, Creamy Sushi, Creamy Sushi, Mung bean soup

Liver Cleanse Juice

·  black radish
·  celeriac
·  Jerusalem artichokes
·  dandelion
·  apple
·  carrot
·  celery
·  fresh cranberries
·  turmeric
·  ginger

We will use the leftover pulp to make these flatbreads:

Multi Seed Juice Pulp Flatbread (makes 8 servings)
·  2 cups juice pulp
·  1/4 cup organic raw whole flax seeds
·  1/4 cup chia seeds
·  1/4 cup raw sunflower seeds
·  1/4 cup raw pumpkin or sesame seeds
·  1/2 teaspoon non-refined salt (Maldon or Himalayan)
·  choice of seasonings such as black pepper, herbes de provence, or chili
·  3/4 cup water

Mix everything in a large bowl. Let sit 10 minutes for flax and chia to make the gel.
Preheat oven to 350F. Line baking sheet with parchment paper and spray with sunflower oil.
Spread mixture out until 1/2cm thick. Bake 30 minutes. Remove and slice into large crackers.
Carefully return them back to over for 20 minutes more.

Creamy Sushi (makes 4-6 sushi rolls)
In a bowl, combine:
1 cup almond-cashew cream allowed to ferment overnight
2 tbsp dehydrated onion mix
1/4 cup unsulphured sundried tomatoes, soaked 30 minutes, rinsed, strained
1/2 cup parsley

Creamy Sushi cont'd
Wash and prepare:
Cucumber matchsticks
Grated carrot

Lay nori wrap rough side up with lines horizontal. Place a lettuce leaf close to the edge, spoon 2 tbsp of seasoned cashew-almond cream onto the leaf and spread out evenly.
Layer the fillings on top and wrap tightly, continuously folding in the ingredients in. Close sushi roll with a little water to keep it sticking, cut immediately into 6 pieces with a serrated knife.

Mung bean soup (makes 4 servings)
·  4 oz or 100g whole green Mung beans, organic if possible
·  6 cups of water
·  2 tbsp ghee or coconut oil for vegan version
·  1 tsp mustard seeds
·  1/2 tsp asafoetida
·  2 bay leaves
·  1 tsp turmeric
·  1 tsp cumin powder or seeds (adjust for dosha & season)
·  1 tsp coriander powder (adjust for dosha & season)
·  1 tbsp fresh organic ginger, grated
·  salt
·  1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
·  optional 2 tbsp fresh mint leaves

The beans have to be washed well and soaked overnight in double the amount of water.
Heat oil or ghee in large deep saucepan and add mustard and cumin seeds.
When seeds pop, quickly add ginger, mix well and do not allow to burn.
Add the beans and the other spices, stir well, then cover with double the amount of water and add the bay leaves.
It will take 40 minutes for the beans to be fully cooked. You will need to add more HOT water to keep reasonable soup consistency while simmering.
Add lemon just before serving, otherwise the acid will stop the beans cooking.


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