Ayurvedic detox tips

Signs to detox: waking up feeling not rested and/or having little or no appetite
Start with two days and continue until feeling strong digestion, energy and appetite have returned, up to five days. Then gradually introduce more veggies and grains, like organic black rice, quinoa and millet, using only little quantities for onions, garlic, mushroom and nightshades (eggpplants, peppers, tomatoes), use these just for flavoring.

Oil pulling
: After morning wash-up, yoga and meditation, it is great to swish a spoonful of untoasted sesame or coconut oil in the mouth while getting dressed and making breakfast. Then spit into a BIN.

: blend together half of an avocado, a handful of fruit like apple and/or cranberries, celery, fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, one or two soaked dates, fresh lemon juice, sprinkle of salt, and tbsp chia. Use all organic ingredients, Himalayan salt, and hot water to ensure right temperature for digestion. OR any juice or smoothie of organic veggies and fruits that you prefer.

Lunch & Supper
: Have the mung bean soup. Ideal serving size is the volume contained by your two hands cupped together. The benefits of mung bean soup are to provide the system with total nourishment, boosting ojas (sanskrit for all positive life forces), and allowing the system to remove ama (sanskrit for built-up toxins - coming from harmful chemicals ingested or in the environment, and also from improperly digested food and emotions). Make sure to leave at least 3 hours between supper and bed time.

Snacking: Light, ripe sweet organic fruit, like apples, kiwi and berries. Also soaked raw almonds.

Tea before bed: Make a mix of equal parts of triphala, turmeric, marshmallow root, and one other detox herb like trikuti or red elm or something suggested by the holistic specialist at alfalfa (marché jean talon), all in powder form, plus fine-ground flax meal  in equal quantity to the total amount. Take one flat teaspoonful of the mixture in half of a cup of hot water. If constipated the next day then take more the next night, or if bowel is too loose then take less the next night.

Almond cream cheese spread (for 8 servings, or 3-4 maki rolls)
1 cup raw almonds, soaked 8hrs in filtered water, peeled, blended with bit of water to make cream.
Allow the cream to ferment overnight at room temperature in a glass container with airtight lid;
if really cold out, can leave the container in the oven after heating to 200F and turning off.
A few minutes before using, mix with 1 tbsp dehydrated chives and onions, salt and pepper to taste, and 1/4 cup fresh minced parsley. Or any seasoning you prefer.
Great as a satisfying dip with veggies or juice pulp or multi-seed flatbreads, and instead of rice with raw toppings of your choice (cucumber, carrots, sprouts) rolled into raw nori paper and cut with serrated knife into 5-6 pieces - as a snack or side dish for transitioning out of detox while maintaining a diet favoring good digestion and liver function.

To your health!


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