Halloween Cooking Class

Halloween Cooking Class Menu:
- (Snacks) Fresh eyeballs
- (Soup) Skull Soup
- (Soup) Vampire Blood
- (Side dish) Grubs (Vers Blancs)
- (Main dish) Chopped Bloody Hands
- (Salad) Ghost Vomit
- (Desert) Ghosts and Critters Litters

- Eyeballs (Vegan cheese filling: Two cups soaked nuts (cashews and/or hazelnuts and/or almonds) mixed with three-quarter cup tahini, one quarter cup nutritional yeast, one quarter cup olive oil, salt pepper and oregano, and up to half a cup of water for right consistency when blending in food processor. Scoop filling into white mushroom caps and little tomatoes with tops and seeds removed. Top with mini pitted olive or caper for the eye center)
- Skull Soup (Leeks, Oil, Almond Milk, Salt, vegan stock)
- Vampire Blood (Pumpkin, beetroots, salt, vegan stock)
- Grubs (Capellini, Asparagus, Sprouts, Parsley, Salt, Pepper)
- Chopped Bloody Hands (Soy: Veggie Burger, Soya chunks, ginger, parsley and Mashed Potatoes: potatoes, thym, oil, parsley, almond milk, Almonds and Pasta Sauce.  Optional: Cheese)
- Ghost Vomit (Guacamole: Avocados, Tomatoes, Salt, Pepper, Lime/Lemon and Salad: Lettuce, Carrots, Cucumber, Fennel)
- Ghosts (Pears, Sugar, Cranberries - Poached, Almonds)
- Critters Litters (Crumble: Flour, Butter, Sugar)


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