Lebanese bruschetta and Kenefe

Lebanese Desert (Kenefe) (2010-03-27 Ralph)

Quantity:                             10 servings
Preparation Time:           30 minutes


Ø  2 boxes of Frik Mix (Butter, flower, sugar, rose water, orange blossom, from Adonis Stores)
Ø  Butter
Ø  1Kg Mozzarella Cheese

Rose Syrup
Ø  2 cups of Sugar
Ø  1 cup of Water
Ø  Lemon Juice
Ø  Rose Water
Ø  Orange Blossom

Cooking Instructions

1.       Grate Cheese
2.       Melt butter

Cooking (Knefe)
3.       Grease non stick tray
4.       Add Frik mix on top and pour little bit of butter
5.       Press mix on tray until it is holding together
6.       Bake for 10 min on high heat until it becomes brown
7.       Add Cheese on top
8.       Bake until cheese melts and edges are golden
9.       Cool down for 5 min
10.   Using a second tray reverse the baked Knefe so that the mix is on top and cheese at the bottom
11.   Serve with Rose Syrup on top

Cooking (Rose Syrup)
1.       Boil water and sugar together
2.       Turn off heat after boiling
3.       Add a squeeze of lemon juice
4.       Add Rose Water
5.       Add Orange Blossom

4. Lebanese Bruschetta (2010-03-27 Ralph)

Quantity:                             10 servings
Preparation Time:           30 minutes


Ø  10 Whole wheat baguettes
Ø  Akkawi Cheese
Ø  Tomatoes

Ø  Oregano
Ø  Black Pepper
Ø  Basil
Ø  Salt
Ø  Olive oil

Cooking Instructions

1.       Slice the baguette length wise
2.       Cut each piece in 3 until you have 6 pieces ( if using 6 inch baguette)
3.       Slice tomatoes into thin slices

4.       Put 1 slice of cheese and 1 slice of tomato on each bred pice
5.       Sprinkle black pepper, basil, oregano, salt and a drop of olive oil
6.       Place all pieces in tray
7.       Bake at 350 deg C until cheese is melted and tomatoes are cooked.

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