Stuffed Peppers/Zucchinis

Stuffed Peppers/Zucchinis (2010-04-24 Pamela)

Quantity:                             3-4 servings
Preparation Time:           25 minutes
Baking Time:                      20 minutes


Ø  Potatoes
Ø  Oil
Ø  Fresh parsley
Ø  Carrots
Ø  Spinach
Ø  Peas
Ø  Almonds
Ø  Zucchinis
Ø  Peppers (Green, Red, Yellow)
Ø  Breadcrumbs
Ø  Feta Cheese

Ø  Salt (To taste)
Ø  Ground black pepper

White Sauce
Ø  50g Butter
Ø  50g Flour
Ø  500 ml milk

Cooking Instructions

1.       Boil water with salt.
2.       Dice potatoes, carrots, feta cheese.
3.       Chop parsley
4.       Roast almonds
5.       Preheat oven 4250 F.
6.       Grease baking trays.
7.       Cut zucchinis length-wise and pepper at the top.

8.       Put zucchinis and peppers in boiling water for a few minutes.  Remove and brush with oil. Place in baking trays.
9.       Scrape out the inside of zucchinis.
10.   Prepare filling with potatoes, carrots, peas, spinach, parsley, feta cheese, almonds and inside of zucchinis.
11.   Prepare white sauce: Melt butter, add flour and cook.  Let mixture cool down and add milk gradually, stirring continuously.  Cook white sauce, adding salt, pepper and parsley.
12.   Fill out zucchinis and peppers with potato filling.  Top with white sauce and sprinkle breadcrumbs.
13.   Bake at 4250F for about 20 minutes.
14.   Serve hot.

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