Rice and Dhall with Tomato Sauce Paneer

1. Rice and Dhall/Lentils/Pulses (2010-03-20 Chef Pamela)

Quantity:                               3-4 servings
Preparation Time:               5 minutes
Cooking Time:                      30 minutes


Ø  1/3 cup Basmati Rice/person
Ø  At choice: Split yellow peas, “Mung” dhall, black lentils, black eyed beans, etc… 50g of raw dhall/person
Ø  2-3 Tbsp Ghee or Oil for Cooking
Ø  2-3 Tomatoes
Ø  Fresh Grated Ginger

Ø  Salt
Ø  Cumin Seeds
Ø  Cumin Powder
Ø  Coriander Seeds
Ø  Coriander Powder
Ø  Turmeric Powder
Ø  Asofoedita Powder
Ø  Bay leaves (Optional)
Ø  Fennel seeds (Optional)
Ø  Kitchen King (Optional)

Ø  Chopped Fresh Coriander leaves

Cooking Instructions

1.       Soak dhall overnight.
2.       Wash Rice
3.       Grate Ginger
4.       Cut tomatoes in cubes

Cooking Dhall
5.       Put Ghee/Oil in pot and Heat on Medium-High
6.       Add Ginger when Warm
7.       Add the Whole Spices and cook lightly
8.       Add Powder Spices (with a bit of water so that the spices don’t burn)
9.       Add tomatoes and cook well
10.    Add Dhall and water
11.    Cover and simmer until dhal is cooked (is soft and can be crushed with a spoon)
12.    Serve hot garnished with chopped fresh Coriander

Alternatively (Faster), we can boil dhall, then add the spices-tomato mixture

1.       Add 2 units of water to 1 unit of rice, cover pot and put high heat
2.       Once water is added, do not stir anymore at any point, otherwise rice will stick and burn
3.       When Water Boils, cook on Low Heat
4.       Rice is done when all the water is absorbed and a grain of rice can be crushed with a spoon

2. Paneer in Tomato Sauce (2010-03-20 Pamela)

Quantity:                             3-4 servings
Preparation Time:           15 minutes


Ø  1 small block of Paneer
Ø  3-4 Tomatoes
Ø  3-4 T Tomato paste

Ø  Peppercorn (Whole black pepper)
Ø  Cardamom
Ø  Cinnamon
Ø  Cloves
Ø  Salt
Ø  2 tsps of Shahi paneer (or Kitchen King)
Ø  Garam Masala (or black pepper)
Ø  Cumin
Ø  Coriander powder
Ø  Ghee or Oil for cooking

Cooking Instructions

1.       Grate Paneer
2.       Cut Tomatoes

3.       Put Ghee/Oil in pot and Heat on Medium-High
4.       Add Ginger when oils is warm
5.       Add Whole Spices and cook lightly
6.       Add Powder Spices (with a little water so the powders don’t burn)
7.       Add tomatoes and cook well
8.       Add paneer and water

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